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Tintsaba: Swaziland

Tintsaba supplies Fair Trade jewellery from Swaziland

Tintsaba handmade jewellery is made by a women’s group in Swaziland a tiny, land-locked country in Southern Africa. The jewellery is handwoven from Sisal Agave sisalensis, an invasive weed that grows throughout the country. The sisal is processed using little water and GOTs certified organic dyes. Tintsaba endeavours to be sustainable in all areas of production.

Handmade Jewellery

Tintsaba Fair Trade Silversmith creating Handmade JewelleryTintsaba has become renown for refined, high quality jewellery making and sisal basketry weaving, and has been recognised as an industry leader and awarded repeatedly over the years.

The women who make Tintsaba jewellery receive training enabling them to become master weavers, silversmiths or managers, giving them the chance to lift themselves and their families out of poverty.

Tintsaba started working with Sterling Silver (925) in 2001. Their remarkable weavers were producing small discs on such a refined and perfect quality that they started using silver to add value to the sisal.

They currently have four full-time Silversmith women; each started as weavers, and can produce products to the highest quality weave. This skill and attention to detail got them to be selected to train as silversmiths. Now, their silversmiths have more than 40 years experience between them.

Tinstaba handmade jewellery is recognised around the world for outstanding quality as well as the beautiful story attached to them.

Tintsaba supports Fair Trade principles

Supporting Fair Trade principles since it’s inception, Tintsaba has endeavored to create a workplace that helps their women grow and develop themselves. Through various courses and workshops ranging in a variety of subjects such as leadership, skill-set development, training, environmental awareness and women’s health. Tintsaba pride themselves on encouraging a holistic approach to not only their work but also in our daily lives.

Over the last 30 years, Tintsaba has trained and worked with over 1000 women in rural Swaziland. They are dedicated to creating the highest quality hand woven sisal products. The future for Tintsaba and Swazi women is one of independence, strength of self and to lead by example within our communities.

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