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Thai Tribal Crafts

Thai Tribal Crafts supplies Fair Trade items from Thailand

Thai Tribal Crafts (TTC), established in 1973, is an agency sponsored by the Christian Service Foundation (Baptist) and registered in Chiang Mai in the name of “Thai Tribal Crafts”.

The main objective of TTC is to provide opportunities for improving the quality of life of the tribal people in the Northern Thailand. They have over 25 years of experience of exporting to many commercial and fair trade organizations throughout the world.

The vision of Thai Tribal crafts is to trade as a Fair Trading Organization through providing development opportunities for the tribal peoples of Northern Thailand. TTC products have been made by the six major hill tribe groups living in Northern Thailand. They take great care to check the quality control of products and environmental effect. They also check the raw materials for our fabric products such as threads for weaving, lining cloths for finished products that our artisans get from the local market.The products we are carrying include traditional design as well as modified items made by our trained tribal women.

Thai Tribal Crafts make our bright and beautiful multi-purpose zip bags.

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