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Apiwraps Kitchen Basics


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The Apiwraps Kitchen Basics pack is a great place to start making a difference in your kitchen. With a large, medium and small Apiwraps at your fingertips you’ll be able to skip the plastic wrap when putting leftovers away, saving the planet and keeping you healthy.

The large wrap (30cm x 35cm) is perfect for sandwiches, salad bowls and keeping herbs in the fridge.

Medium (20cm x 25cm) takes care of bowls of leftovers, small cheeses and medium sized veggies like pumpkin wedges.

Small Apiwraps (20cm x 15cm) are great for wrapping odds and ends of cheese, veggies and fruit for the fridge or the lunch box and covering smaller bowls of leftovers.

The Kitchen Basics Pack includes three wraps in complementing Rainbow patterns.

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Dimensions 15 x 21 cm