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MKS: India

MKS supplies Fair Trade items from India

MKS beautiful leather and silk items are sourced from MKS (Madhya Kalikata Shilpangan), based in the city of Kolkata, India.

MKS began in 1994 with the objective of providing support to artisans and craftsmen in the unorganized sector of their society. These people are talented in their traditional crafts but could not get good prices for their products due to a lack of access to proper marketing. MKS also provides training to existing artisans and newcomers, who want to further improve their income through skill upgrade.

Since its inception, MKS has been actively engaged in promoting the marketing of its target groups’ products with Fair Trade principles, helping to develop communities for artisans by providing informal education and vocational training. At the same time, MKS also keeps a vigil on ensuring that artisans get fair wages equitably by finding local, regional and international markets for their produce with transparency and social accountability.

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