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Kenana Knitters: Kenya

Kenana Knitters supplies Fair Trade items from Kenya

Kenana Knitters is dedicated to changing lives stitch by stitch by empowering over 500 rural Kenyan women to knit a brighter future for themselves and their families making handmade organic knitted toys.

Each distinctive design is a hand-crafted Kenyan creation and bears the signature of the woman who made it.

Currently, Kenana supports over 300 knitters as well as over 200 spinners who hand spin the wool into yarn using recycled bicycle wheels made into spinning wheels. Knitting is ideal within the local community as it requires minimal equipment and can be done in snatches of times within the context of their daily lives.

Handmade Organic Knitted Toys from Kenya

Kenana Knitters handmade organic knitted toys are knitted with African grown organic cotton. The natural yarn is dyed with non-toxic dyes.

Handmade Organic Knitted Toys from Kenya

Kenana Knitters support Fair Trade principles

Kenana Knitters are support Fair Trade principles. They are committed to paying fair wages and to creating high quality, organic products which are environmentally friendly. They use both AZO free dyes and natural plant dyes from plants grown in the area which add vibrant and colourful depth to designs.

Kenana Knitters believes that women are the heartbeat of their communities. Kenana Knitters’ ethos is to make a significant social impact in rural Kenya by empowering women to take charge of their lives through dignified work in a safe, family-friendly working environment.

The primary purpose of Kenana Knitters is to provide a source of income at a fair wage that goes directly into the hands of the women, enabling them to improve the quality of life for themselves and their families.

Kenana Knitters prides itself by operating within the cultural context of the daily demands of rural Kenyan women, including farming and tending their children, with respect to the environmental challenges.

Knitting is ideal, as it requires minimal equipment and can be done in small amounts of time. Knitting can even be done on the long walks that are required in rural areas and in the dark since most of the women live without electricity.

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