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Importants: Sri Lanka

Importants supplies Fair Trade items from Sri Lanka

Importants supplies Nim’s Goods with ethically handmade elephant dung paper and other eco-friendly products from Sri Lanka. Working with Fair Trade businesses in Sri Lanka means that they give back to the communities they work with.

Elephant Dung Paper Art Packs & Button Books

Art packs and button books are made with Elephant Dung Paper by the Maximus business in Sri Lanka. Producing the elephant dung paper is eco-friendly and benefits the villagers where it is made. Linking the production of elephant dung paper to the village also helps to protect the endangered Sri Lankan elephant.

Eco-friendly Elephant Dung Paper Notebooks

Eco-friendly Kitchen and Body Brushes

Eco-friendly Fair Trade Handmade Foot Brush Eco-friendly Kitchen Brushes and Body Brushes are handmade in Sri Lanka by a small family run business. Creating beautiful, sustainable brushes is what the business prides itself on, whilst providing employment and training for women.

Handed down from father to daughter, Liza now runs the factory in Wattala. The factory trains and employs women from a slum close to the new expressway. This work enables the women to earn a living wage, whilst also providing training. A bonus scheme also provides the opportunity for them to increase their weekly pay. Their children are encouraged to continue their studies and pursue further education.

Importants is a Fair Trader of Australia

Import Ants supports other community-based groups in Sri Lanka, all creating beautiful handmade products, such as our handmade cards and banana paper notebooks. Importants works with businesses that use Fair Trade principles that are making a difference in their communities. Importants builds long-term relationships with all their suppliers, visiting them yearly and working with them to ensure that they continue to meet Fair Trade standards. This includes paying fair wages, not employing child labour, being environmentally conscious and providing safe and happy working conditions for their employees.

Importants is a certified Fair Trader of Australia, supporting Fair Trade principles.

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Importants Fair Trade Artisans in Sri Lanka