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Ethica: Peru

Ethica supplies Fair Trade items from Peru

Ethica supplies Nim’s Goods with ethically made alpaca ponchos from Peru. Ethica works with a variety of women. The central requirement is that all who are involved in the creation of Ethica’s products will benefit from having a fair income from their craft and that they will be proud of what they have achieved.

Nim's Goods Supplier Ethica Fair Trade Artisans Group

Alpaca Ponchos

Ethica’s luxurious Alpaca Ponchos are made from 100% Alpaca. They can be worn three ways. The traditional way is with the V at the front. You can wear it to the side which is straight across the front and draped on both sides. Or, you can wear it as a neck scarf in cold weather.

Alpaca Poncho Black. Fair Trade from Peru. Eco-friendly natural fibre.100% Alpaca Poncho Fair Trade from Peru Grey

Ethica is a Fair Trader of Australia

Ethica Accessories (Mary MacKillop International) is a not for profit organisation specialising in quality Fair Trade products.

Following Mary MacKillop’s legacy of helping those in need, Ethica provides employment and income for over 200 women in Peru.

Women receive training and direct payment for their work.

It is a strategy for poverty alleviation and sustainable development that maintains the dignity of the women and teaches them skills for the future. Many of the women Ethica help would be unemployed without this scheme. The money they receive is used for food, medicine and other basic needs.

The Sisters of St Joseph started four groups around Peru that make products for the Ethica Accessories range: they are located in Lima, Pitumarca and Tarma.

Ethica’s biggest success has been to see the women they work with regain their dignity and confidence.

Your purchase of an Ethica product will have a direct impact on their lives, their families and ultimately their community.

Ethica is a certified Fair Trader of Australia, supporting Fair Trade principles.

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