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The Elephant Emporium: Cambodia

The Elephant Emporium supplies Fair Trade items from Cambodia

The Elephant Emporium works with businesses in Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar. They supply Nim’s Goods with men’s wallets, stubbie holders and bags created from recycled tyres, cement and fish feed bags.

By developing sustainable relationships and assisting in the growth of many small businesses, The Elephant Emporium has contributed to the well-being of many families in Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar.

Building strong relationships with artisans, the Elephant Emporium works to broaden their understanding of their worker’s needs, hopes and dreams. The Elephant Emporium then imports the results of the creative workmanship, unique and interesting products, to make them available here in Australia.

Elephant Emporium Fair Trade Artisan in Cambodia making wallet from recycled tyres.

Wallets and purses from recycled tyres and bags

The Elephant Emporium supply Nim’s Goods with mens wallets, stubbie holders and bags created from recycled tyres, cement and fish feed bags. In addition to being beautiful unique items, by using recycled materials they are eco-friendly as well being made ethically with Fair Trade principles.

The Elephant Emporium supports Fair Trade principles

Artisans and craftspeople working with The Elephant Emporium are paid fairly and equitably for their skillful work, which keeps families together with food on their table.

The Elephant Emporium works with disadvantaged communities in Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar. This includes victims of domestic violence, landmine victims and the general poor populations of the countries they source from. They adhere to the 10 Fair Trade principles within their teams. Designs are created in conjunction with artisans, helping to give confidence in their creativity and general well-being. Mostly women and family workers, they prefer to work in their own homes. This way, the family life is not disrupted by “going to work”. This is a huge benefit for families with babies, so they do not need to leave their home.

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