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Eco-friendly and Beautiful

Eco-friendly goods that you will love.

Nim’s Goods makes it easy for you to find beautiful eco-friendly goods that you love.

We all want to buy things that don’t harm our world. But how do we find them? Nim’s Goods does the hard work for you. We work with eco-friendly suppliers from all over the world so that you can easily find eco-friendly, beautiful things in one place.


We’ve all heard about the plastic soup that our ocean is sadly becoming. Nim’s Goods plastic-free kitchen brushes and body brushes mean you can scrub away without fear of sending plastic micro-fibres into our oceans.

Natural Fibres

Natural Fibres, when manufactured in an eco-friendly sustainable way, are best for our world as they biodegrade completely. This means less landfill and no nasty toxins left over.

Many of Nim’s Goods suppliers work with natural materials, such as sisal fibre and banana leaf, in keeping with their traditional crafts. These handwoven bowls from Uganda are made from raffia and banana leaf.

Others get creative with new ways to use traditional materials, such as this beautiful silver jewellery from Swaziland, also made from finely woven sisal fibre.

Elephant Dung Paper

Believe it or not, elephant dung makes great paper! These colourful notebooks come from Sri Lanka and are made from paper made out of elephant dung.

Recycled Paper

The lack of raw materials in some developing countries actually means that people get creative with what they have. These beautiful beads are made from recycled paper in Uganda.

War on Waste

We are passionate about doing our bit for the War on Waste, to reduce landfill. Every time you buy something that is eco-friendly you are making a positive impact on our world.

Explore our shop to find more beautiful eco-friendly things that you will love.