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Afribeads: Uganda

Afribeads supplies Fair Trade items from Uganda

AfriBeads handmade raffia bowls, recycled paper beads and other items are made by a group of women in Kampala, Uganda called the Afribeads Women’s Association.

Since AfriBeads started partnering with the project, there have been a number of improvements. The women are now able to feed their children every day with many of the children also attending school. The project has also rented a shop for the women to do their work, the artisans have acquired new equipment and the group has started sewing a range of fashion and homewares. AfriBeads creates opportunities for the Ugandan women and their children by working with them to achieve the goals they set.

How the Recycled Paper Beads are made

AfriBeads paper bead jewellery is handmade from paper strips cut into triangles. Some of the jewellery is made from recycled paper from magazines. Sometimes the women purchase coloured paper if it is required for specific patterns. The paper is rolled from the end of the triangle to the tip, and glued to keep in place. The finished beads are lacquered, then created into unique and gorgeous jewellery.

Handmade Raffia and Banana Leaf Bowls

The bowls are made out of raffia and banana leaf using a traditional coiled woven technique.

Afribeads Fair Trade Artisan Handmaking Rafia Bowl


Afribeads Fair Trade Artisan Sewing Skirts in UgandaAfribeads has supported the women to grow their skills by extending into fabric and sewing. The women make skirts from brightly coloured fabric with traditional African patterns. The material is sourced from the bustling local markets in Kampala, with each bolt of the material having a different pattern.

Because of the handmade nature of AfriBeads, there is natural variation between items which adds to the beauty and unique quality of each piece.


Afribeads is a certified Fair Trader of Australia

Afribeads is a certified Fair Trader of Australia, supporting Fair Trade principles.

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