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Feel like having a few friends over for some guilt-free shopping?
Host a Nim’s Goods party with you and 4 or more friends and receive Good Points giving you $45 to spend. Plus - for every person that books a party at yours you will receive even more Good Points.

Fair Trade

We all want to buy things that don’t harm our world. We want to buy things that we know are made by people who are treated well and paid fairly for their work.

That is what Fair Trade is about. Fair Trade is a movement that supports:

fair access to markets, fair wages for work, good environmental standards.

Nim's Goods makes it easy for you to find beautiful Fair Trade goods from all over the world.

Our Artisans

Nim's Goods supports artisans from all over the world including Uganda, Swaziland, Cambodia, Kenya and Sri Lanka.

We invite you to explore the stories behind our goods. Our hope is that you will feel good knowing that your purchase is having a real positive impact on our world.

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